Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Bits and Pieces

Well yesterday we went to see a special doctor in Huntingdon in regards to Aaron positive TB test. Lots of good news. We are going to give tablets and they can be crushed and put in anything but dairy products. We don't have to start until after conference and once again the doctor said he is a healthy baby. Also he is exactly 20 pounds so we can turn the car seat. Yeah.!!!!

Also today I worked for the first time in three months. It felt good but weird. I liked doing it but I also liked the fact that it won't be regular and I will be home with Aaron. By the way Dad(Perry) did baby sitting duty and did great.

Well last but not least here are some pictures of the last quilt I have made. I must confess that I enjoy my weekly quilt class. I hope that Sam and Karl enjoy this. A really cool thing our
class is doing is making comfort quilts. They make quilts that are given to cancer patients and they have a pastor pray for them and that the quilt will be used to bring comfort. I think it is cool. I am in the process of making a wall hanging for my dining room because I haven't found a picture the right size. In a little while I post pictures of that.

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Anonymous said...

Amanda! That quilt is absolutely adorable!! (And I like how it has legs in the first picture, too!) I love it...I'm sure the recipients will as well!