Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cooking with Andrew and Aaron too....

Andrew has taken interest in cooking with me lately.  I think, mostly because it means he gets to do something with mommy.  And he is a do something with someone all the time kind of guy.  It has been fun to see him enjoy helping and being so proud of the results.  He loves to make his own eggs BY HIMSELF.  He has "taught"  Aaron how to do it as well.  He is my regularly dessert maker for Sabbath eve and sometime even for church pot lucks.  He picked out the dessert for this week.

We had a minor disaster awhile back, perpetuated by his sister.  He had made this dessert cookie pizza that included icing.  We had left it on the counter.  His sister climbed up licked the icing.  Normally this is not a big deal we would have rolled with it but it was for covered dish dinner.  This was not going to a quick replacement item was made.  Andrew however was quite distraught.  So we let him make it again for the next covered dish...minus the sister assistance.

 Now Aaron has started to get in on the helping thing too and Angela wants to lick the batter bowl.  Cooking has encouraged Andrew to try new foods, because even if he isn't convinced that he will like it, the fact that he put it in makes it better.  Cooking with my boys sometimes means dinner is a little late but the joy they get from helping is worth it (most of the time).