Monday, April 25, 2011

A trip to Children's Museum

A month or so ago...Perry and I had to be fingerprinted. So we thought that it might be fun to use our Children's Museum pass again. So we pulled Andrew out of school for the day. He was intially not thrilled that he was missing school but ended up having a great time. It was also a whole lot less busy than last time and this made Perry happy. We were able to check out the water room. Andrew enjoyed the fact mom ended up wet. I miss calculated what the pipes would do. Since there is no photo evidence we will pretend it didn't happen.

Aaron once again enjoyed making the parachutes fly by turning the wheel.

Aaron and I going down the slide after said parachute.

They had made rockets for the room about air and flight. This Andrew shooting one. So much fun you might forget that it is educational.

Here are the boys in a wind tunnel having a blast. We ended the day with a trip to get fingerprinted and dinner at the Bedford Dinner. A good day if I do say so myself.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here are the boys walking home from church Sabbath afternoon. We enjoyed a great service of music by the choraleers. We also had sabbath lunch at the yellow house as it has been dubbed by the boys. As usual way too much food but good eats. It has been fun to see the boys think about and consider what Jesus did for them. Sometime they miss the mark and that is okay. Like Aaron praying that Jesus' sin would be forgiven. Other times hitting it square on the head. With Andrew saying. Jesus is heaven and He takes away the bad things we do.

He is risen. Hear the bells ringing he is risen from the dead. Alleluia.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Good News and the Bad News

This is an adoption update. I know it has been a while and it will probably be a while again before we have another. The Good News... 1. We had all the paperwork into the Philippines. The government agency (ICAB) that reviews it has done so. 2. The US government has fingerprinted us and approved our request in theory to adopt again. 3. I have found easier to be patient than I thought it would be. 4. The boys are excited about having a new sibling or two and are okay with it taking awhile. 5. ICAB has only requested one additional thing and we have been told by the caseworker that they generally make all their requests at once. The Bad News.. The one request made was to ask Perry to loss 10% of his body weight approximately 24 pounds and have some tests done. The Tests are not a big deal and we figure that they will all come back fine however the 24lbs are going to take awhile. The agency is going to advocate for us but we will see. This could put our case on hold until he reaches that goal. So pray that Perry can start losing the weight quickly and healthily. Pray that ICAB will show mercy and not hold our case until all the weight is lost. So there it is.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Perry

Today my handsome husband turns 34. I can hardly believe it. It seems that we were just dating and newlyweds just the other day. But we didn't let that prevent us from celebrating. With Uncle Jim cooked and cut steak. We consumed way to much. The boys helped me make Daddy a cheesecake. They were so proud of themselves and Aaron ate two slices. The boys have also wrapped a selection of their favorite toys to give to daddy. That event is happening today.My husband is an amazing guy. He brings home the bacon. He helps with the boys. He is kind and thoughtful. He loves to play and laugh(belly laugh). He is a man that desires to bring glory to God. He is God's gift to me. I love you and happy birthday.