Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcome Book

Every country and agency have a little different rules of what is acceptable to send to your waiting child.  With Aaron, I made a quilt with pictures of most of the major family members.  This is Anthony's version I can't find a picture of Aaron's and it is now well woren. Quilt
With Andrew we had such little time I sent a little book with pictures of us slid in the sleeves and handwritten notes about us.  With our little girl we were to make a welcome book.  So I went to Walmart online and made a book.  I had never attempted that before but it turned out really well.  I hope that it stayed within the guidelines.  But I want to share a couple of pictures because I got to go thru some to decide what to put in the book.  After it was made, I realized I didn't tell her much about Perry and me.  But the boys and cousins got lots of face time.  So here are a couple of pictures.
 Grandpop taking the kids on a tractor ride.
 The official silly kids picture from picture today for the family.
 Some great extended family pictures.
 Andrew took this picture of Aaron and I love it.
Andrew wearing the sombrero at Azteca.  We are so excited to send her this book and can't wait until she gets to know us in person.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The flashing Neon sign

We thought that a door was opening for the adoption of waiting child.  But after gathering some information we felt we needed some more data to move forward.  When we spoke with our caseworker she was not sure how easy it would be to get this data.  I spent a sleepless night and tears.  I was asking God for a neon sign.  Were we to move forward or just be patient and wait. This wait could be over a year.  I had to go to West Virginia for a church meeting.  As I drove I came to peace with the idea of waiting and trusting God's timing.  Later that day, I called home and Perry said I got my sign.  He had seen a sign with the words Be Patient.  It was a reassurance to trust God's timing.  Needless to say we came to terms with being patient and trusting God's timing.

Fast forward a few days.  We got a telephone call from our caseworker.  She said that we had been matched.  We couldn't believe our ears.  Was this happening, we were supposed to have another year of waiting - yes it was.  Here it was without question our Neon sign and it was flashing.

We have been matched with a beautiful little girl that is a little over 2 and1/2 years old.  We hope to be flying to the Philippines to pick her up in 6 months or less.  We think that we have decided on a name but we are waiting a little while to tell.

We are completing government forms and other paperwork.  We are putting together a welcome book.  This is a picture book to help her learn about us.

Aaron is absolutely thrilled he wanted a sister.  Andrew has decided that she'll be okay.  He wanted a brother.

Our family very excited to add a girl to the mix.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's a...

It's a girl and we will be welcoming her home in about 6 months.  When I have plowed through the paperwork, I will testify to how it was a total God in control thing.