Thursday, June 30, 2011

Uncle Bob's Cabin

This cabin belongs to Grandma Graffius' family (Bedi). It holds many memories for me. Mom and Dad were debating whether they could find it or not when we went to visit the Poconos. With a little help from Uncle Bob they found it. We enjoyed a short visit here. We almost didn't recognize it with out the big rhododendron in front. The river around back holds many memories. Hours spent fishing, swimming, and throwing rocks. We did this with cousins (Scott and Steve). I also remember coming with our youth group for mini youth retreats.

I remember eels being caught and cooked. Though I can't remember if I ate any. I remember getting the bed in the bathroom cause I was the only girl. Once and awhile being the only girl has perks. I remember going to waterfalls and wondering if we would fall off. Of course I wouldn't concede to the brothers and cousins I was scared. I remember climbing the Delaware Water Gap. I remember Grandpa teaching bible lessons. I remember Mary Ellis cooking for the mini retreats. I remember Kristen reading a scary story and scaring us all. I remember so many things. Now I will remember Abuela teaching my boys to skip rocks. I will remember Andrew thinking it was an adventure to look for certain landmarks as we looked for the cabin.

Thanks Uncle Bob and family for sharing this cabin in the past with us. It was good to remember.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funny Sign - At least to me

Perry and I got a kick out of this sign. Maybe because we are pharmacists. So what week do you want to book your Flu? I think I will pass this year.

Monday, June 27, 2011

To New York City

We headed out to vacation the Sabbath after Andrew finished school. On Sunday Uncle Gabe bravely took us country folk to the big city. Here we are waiting for the train. Andrew and Aaron enjoyed the trip but I think they liked train ride the best. Andrew excitement even made the stoic city folk smile on the train as he told Uncle Gabe about everything that passed. And asked a million why questions. Here is a picture taken by Andrew of a passing train. He also liked the subway.

Besides taking the train we also visited the aircraft carrier Intrepid. And central park. We also had New York Pizza and some good Baklava. Gabe had lead us to a part of Central Park that had a playground and rocks to climb on. I should note that we wore shorts and it turned out to be pretty cold. We end the day at a great restaurant Gabe picked out in Newark. Such a good and patient Uncle Gabe.

Boys checking out some of the interactive things at the aircraft carrier.

Does he looked injured?? :)

Waiting and keeping warm. Thanks Uncle Gabe for being our fearless guide.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Last Day of School

This is Andrew on his last day of school and with his summer cut. He was very excited to being done and going to first grade. He finished May 20th. The kids did a mini program for us that included music, the pledges and marching in and out.

Mrs. Mack his teacher giving him the awards he earned. Things like Super Reader, Art Award, Book It, etc.

Mrs. Holiday the Principal giving Andrew his diploma.

The graduation party afterwards. It included cake.

I am incredibly grateful to Mrs. Mack and Mrs. Fochtman for their patience. They focused Andrew's energy and taught him to read and do math. Also learning to work with others and all the things that go with going to school. Thanks.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Well And+rew got a bicycle for Christmas. We got training wheels but they wouldn't stay in place and Andrew wouldn't balance on his own. Well this is the result of some practice.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A trip to the Zoo

I am so far behind on this blog but during Easter Break we hitched a ride with dad to work in Greensburg and kept going on to the zoo. I have not been here that I remember and Andrew last trip here was with his Dad and Grandpop as he was beginning to understand English. On this trip he and Aaron gave all the passersby a running list of what was going on and what was there and why.

Aaron is actually looking low to get a better view of the animals. He was all about the monkeys and gorillas. The zoo part was nice but it was the aquarium was the nicest. And had some unusual animals.

The boys still pretend to be sea otters when they are in the water.

We had snacks for lunch. We didn't get to the reptiles so we will have to go again sometime.