Thursday, June 30, 2011

Uncle Bob's Cabin

This cabin belongs to Grandma Graffius' family (Bedi). It holds many memories for me. Mom and Dad were debating whether they could find it or not when we went to visit the Poconos. With a little help from Uncle Bob they found it. We enjoyed a short visit here. We almost didn't recognize it with out the big rhododendron in front. The river around back holds many memories. Hours spent fishing, swimming, and throwing rocks. We did this with cousins (Scott and Steve). I also remember coming with our youth group for mini youth retreats.

I remember eels being caught and cooked. Though I can't remember if I ate any. I remember getting the bed in the bathroom cause I was the only girl. Once and awhile being the only girl has perks. I remember going to waterfalls and wondering if we would fall off. Of course I wouldn't concede to the brothers and cousins I was scared. I remember climbing the Delaware Water Gap. I remember Grandpa teaching bible lessons. I remember Mary Ellis cooking for the mini retreats. I remember Kristen reading a scary story and scaring us all. I remember so many things. Now I will remember Abuela teaching my boys to skip rocks. I will remember Andrew thinking it was an adventure to look for certain landmarks as we looked for the cabin.

Thanks Uncle Bob and family for sharing this cabin in the past with us. It was good to remember.

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Jan Graffius said...

What a wonderful vacation!! Thanks for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although it did make me a bit sad & nostalgic for the days when we did pretty much the same thing with our little boys. It was fun to read your memories of when we were all there! Remember when we were eating on the porch & heard that huge BOOM - & then the power was out for many hours? What a great blessing that cabin was, to our whole family & many others we brought there! We were there a dozen times all together - which I counted in their guest book! I'm pretty sure I could drive right to it, although you're right, it certainly does look different without the rhodos! If fact, I'm pretty sure I still have a KEY!!!

Andrew did such a great job in school, with all those awards & accomplishments! You should be very proud! And it was a great decision to send him there. I'd seen it before, but I really enjoy his biking video!

LOVE YOU! Aunt Jan