Thursday, January 28, 2010

This and That

Today so far has been a really good day. It is not to say there hasn't been any sibling sharing issues but over all a good day. Andrew and Aaron were great on the ride into swimming and Andrew even helped Aaron get his shoe back on his foot. Then after lunch they played great and I got the floor mopped and then they "helped" me wipe the windows. It is nice to have a good day.

I was going to brag last night that Aaron had gone three days without an accident and then last night at 7:30PM we had one. Not only one but one on the couch. So much for bragging about how well potty training is going. Overall it is going pretty well. I am just thankful everyday for an older brother because when Andrew goes Aaron is suddenly convinced that he needs to go. Doing this without an older sibling would be so much harder.

My final thought of the day comes from the YMCA. I keep having this come up and haven't mastered the perfect answer. Older lady comes up to me at the Y and says hello, cute kids etc. Then are they brothers. My answer is yes. She then proceeds to say how luck I am that I was able to get brothers. Now the question is do I correct her or leave it go. If anyone takes a moment to look at my sons they do not look like each other but I get this regularly. So to some people they must look alike. Today I say they are not biological brothers but they are brothers. I then tell her where they were born. But part of me just wants to leave her in the wrong and leave it there. I don't want to make a big deal about it but also don't want to hide and I want to be positive in front of my children. I will keep pondering and I am sure I will get better at it. I am leaning towards just leaving it with they are brothers.

I need to learn how to answer so I can teach my children to do it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Handsome Boys

This past Sabbath I sent Andrew into his room to get a long pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt. He came out with his khakis and shirt. I suggested we pick out a church shirt. While looking in the closet he saw the suit Aunt Cindi had gotten him. He asked he could wear it. I am like sure why not. That of course led to Aaron wanting to wear his suit. Then they woke Daddy up. Daddy felt like he had to live up to the high standards. So here are my handsome boys. I think the real appeal was the tie.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Floor puzzle

This puzzle has provided a great deal of fun. The boys put this together this time without mommy's help so we took a picture. You should note the cars lined up. This is a favorite Andrew pastime. Which of course lead to wanting more pictures being taken when they would finish the puzzle.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sesame Hot Dogs

I loved this recipe it was from the taste of home. It took a little work (30min prep) but the boys were able to help and it was easy. I have thought of some ways to shorten this time and reduce the price. I will give that after I give the official recipe.

8 hot dogs
1/4 cup sharp American cheese spread
8 count refrigerated biscuit
2 Tbsp melted butter
1/4 cup sesame seeds

Cut the hot dogs 3/4 of the way thru lengthwise. Spread cheese in pockets. Roll the biscuits out thin and wrap around the hot dog. Seal the hot dog in the dough. Baste with butter and roll in Sesame seeds. Bake at 425 of 11-13 minutes.(1 hot dog - 276cal)

The reality is I used shredded cheese that I had in the fridge. Also I did the first one basting and coating and too many seeds stuck in one place. I switched to just coating with the seeds. Sprinkled a little butter on the top. Also I had bun length hot dogs, the classics would have wrapped easier. You could also eliminate the need for stuffing by simply buying cheese hot dogs. Also the sesame seeds were nice but unless you buy them in bulk at an international food store they are expensive. This recipe would have still been good without them. Also I did half hot dogs for the boys (use a half biscuit for each half).
Bottom line Aaron loved helping with this recipe. The boys thought it was great. I would do somethings different next time but I would do it again.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Visit to Great Grandpa's

I failed to get many pictures of this adventure but it was a good one. After all the Christmas running we loaded up and went to Pittsburgh December 30. The next morning we took a flight to Wisconsin. We are told it nearly didn't happen due to mechanical problems and canceled flights. We are very thankful for the plan that detoured from Baltimore to pick us and the 30 other passengers up.

Once we arrived the adventure began in earnest. We headed to great grandpop where enjoyed all sorts fun. We counted Christmas trees, checked out a toy village and generally flirted with all the people. We even enjoyed a game of bean bag toss at Grandma Lorna's. Sabbath we worshiped at the Milton church what was amazing was Andrew who had been there once walked into the church took a right turn and informed me that this was his classroom. He was absolutely correct. His memory and sense of direction amazes me.

We enjoyed swimming and entertaining Great grandpa with balloons and great grandpa gives them lots of candy(they loved it mom wasn't so sure but you only visit occasionally). We also made a trip to Culver's and had ice cream cake in honor of Great grandpa and Grandpop's birthday.

Monday we returned to the real world. But we loved our trip and the boys now pretend to fly to great grandpa's. They were also overjoyed at the care package that arrived from great grandpa. It contained what was left of a giant bowl of candy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Andrew's Birthday

Andrew's birthday is two days after Christmas and we are working hard to keep the events separate. I am told by those whose birthday is that close that their birthday is often lost in the shuffle. Andrew's requests for his birthday was a cake that he promised to share with Aaron and a balloon. Oh to be so easily pleased. Well for his birthday we went with Bradley and Philip to Burger King to play. Yes they did eat but it was all about playing. They had a great time and played almost 2 hours. That evening we had the official birthday party. We had the balloons and cake. I would say his to favorite presents is a pair of shoes that light up and his toy computer and his Korean Pororo movies. This of course is after the balloons which have just today died. So we got good mileage out of them. Lots of fun had by all.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This year for the first time in several years we were able to go North Carolina for actual Christmas. It was a beautiful time and it was warmer than home and that is always a bonus when it hasn't been above freezing in several weeks. Our Christmas in North Carolina included a Christmas Eve party that Perry mom cooked and cooked for and the food was great. The boys enjoyed meeting new people. We also enjoyed a visit to the farm. The day before Andrew had gone to see the cows. We were showered by presents. In the Barbee tradition they looked for the toys with most noise and as many pieces as possible. I understand that Perry had some loud annoying toys as a child. Or at least this the story I am getting.

Grandpa made the boys eggs every morning which they love and there was much fun had by all.

We eventually came home and on Monday night we had Christmas with Mom and Dad and Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindi and Uncle Gabe. Aunt Cindi made an amazing feast and presents were again opened. Perry and I have decided next year we are just buying balloons. Fun and a good time were had by all. And even with all the craziness Andrew could tell you it was Jesus' birthday and the basics of the Christmas story. Aaron thinks it is a second birthday. We'll give him another year.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Florida part 3

This was the major purchase from Disney. We figured that they would only last a few days. Andrew's balloon met a fan and had an early demise but Aaron was still going strong when we left. They love balloons. We went and saw these ice sculptures. I liked it but with two boys you don't get to stop slow down and enjoy it. It was pretty amazing and they had an ice nativity.

Andrew enjoyed the ice slide.

Their favorite thing there though was the train set they had. They watched it for a good 10 minutes.

We ended our week with church in Kissimee. Aunt Jan came to visit several evenings and spent Sabbath with us. It was good to see her and the boys enjoyed spending time with Aunt Jan.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Florida part 2

Well it is hard to go to Orlando without spending a day at one of the disney parks so Wednesday was the big day. And it was a big day. The boys enjoyed it but it was quite trying and a little overwhelming. Aunt Cindi came along on this day's adventure. Aaron wanted a picture with the duck. Andrew was not intrested at all. We enjoyed rides and shows. Andrew wanted to ride in the car but didn't want to drive. Most of the time he wants to drive. Go figure.
We rode the classic dumbo ride also enjoyed several different shows. We tried to get a reservation at a resturant but they were all booked already. So going in and getting a reservation didn't work out. Note to self schedule that ahead of time.

One of the biggest hits was buzz lightyear and the ride that went with him.

We ended the night by seeing the lights but not staying for the fireworks. Us and the boys were done.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Florida trip Part 1

Mom got a great deal on a place to stay in Florida so Dec 6 through the 13th we escaped south to get warm. We left with almost a foot of snow on the ground. So it didn't hurt our feeling any to go south. Perry got delayed to due to mechanical problems so we began our adventure at Blue Springs State park. I didn't get any pictures but we enjoyed seeing the manatee. They come up the river to the warm water in the winter. The boys enjoyed looking for them and Andrew enjoyed trying to follow one down the river. They also enjoyed the little playground. I should mention on our arrival Grandpop took the boys for several hours to play and ride the swan boats. Once Perry arrived they went up to the Sanford zoo. I stayed behind due to a sprained ankle but here are some pictures from the adventure. The boys had a great time and came back to tell mommy all about it.

Mom said they had one of the best reptile exhibits she had ever seen and the boys that it was fun to see all the animals.
Aaron spent a lot of this trip up on grandpop's shoulders. It will be a sad day when he is too heavy.

Isn't he cute.

They enjoyed a train ride around the park and enjoyed looking for names of people on the donor bricks. A good time was had by all.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


We had been wanting to get trainer chopsticks for Andrew because this is a skill he had not quite mastered before leaving Korea and we think it is worth trying to learn. So Sam ordered us up some and they are great. Even Aaron has a pair along with Mom and Dad. We were picking up little legos as practice which was lots of fun. Andrew is always looking for excuses to use them. Thanks Sam.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Truth

This post is for Ellen. She was talking about potty training and it made me realize that I usually only put our success up on this blog. So here is the truth about my potty training experience with Aaron. It should be noted that we are by no means completely potty trained here. I was blessed I have only had to potty train one. Andrew is potty trained.

Aaron has shown interest in the potty on several occasions and we tried the straight pull up thing for one large bag and he wasn't any closer. Decided this was expensive and backed off. Aaron again showed interest tried the pull up again about half way through the bag decided to do the underwear thing. First couple of days the laundry ran none stop. I wondered if he would ever get it. Then we began have success with the pee part but had to take him or there would be an accident. He became even more successful when he decided one day that he wanted to pee like Andrew and Dad. This actually made my life easier because when he would sit on the potty sometimes the pee would go between the toilet and the seat and we would end up wet anyway. Big moment about two weeks ago he walked into the bathroom shut the door took off his pajamas and his night diaper and climbed up and went pee all without mom. He did hit the toilet so I am not arguing. Now half the time he wants to shut the door and do it himself. The truth is we still have 3 or 4 accidents a week. Tends to be in the evening when mom is less diligent to have him go.

The unga(pooh) thing remained a mystery to Aaron. He would tell me after he went but not before. The few times he did go he was excited to make snakes but wasn't sure how to do it regularly. He would make balls in his underwear and then tell me he had gone. He didn't want to sit on the toilet to try to make unga and couldn't understand why he couldn't stand. So we would have him stand and then sit for about a minute. No luck I was convinced I would be putting unga in the toiled forever and washing underwear once a day. Then at Christmas he started asking to go unga and has been ever since. The only accidents we have had was when his stool was runny.

The whole truth.
I use pull ups on very long trips - it caused a regression on the Florida trip(like three clothes changes in a day regression) but not the trip to Wisconsin(we did have two accidents in underwear and two in pull ups). One accident was brought on by too much laughing I can live with that.
I carry a change of clothes.
I am confident to go to the store and swimming with Aaron in underwear.
He doesn't wear pull ups during nap but does at night.
We still have 3 to 4 accidents a week.
Perry prefers he wear pull ups when he is with him - so I don't fight him and I warn him if Aaron has real underwear on.
I feel like we have come amazingly far but there is a ways to go but I am content.

So that is the truth.