Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Truth

This post is for Ellen. She was talking about potty training and it made me realize that I usually only put our success up on this blog. So here is the truth about my potty training experience with Aaron. It should be noted that we are by no means completely potty trained here. I was blessed I have only had to potty train one. Andrew is potty trained.

Aaron has shown interest in the potty on several occasions and we tried the straight pull up thing for one large bag and he wasn't any closer. Decided this was expensive and backed off. Aaron again showed interest tried the pull up again about half way through the bag decided to do the underwear thing. First couple of days the laundry ran none stop. I wondered if he would ever get it. Then we began have success with the pee part but had to take him or there would be an accident. He became even more successful when he decided one day that he wanted to pee like Andrew and Dad. This actually made my life easier because when he would sit on the potty sometimes the pee would go between the toilet and the seat and we would end up wet anyway. Big moment about two weeks ago he walked into the bathroom shut the door took off his pajamas and his night diaper and climbed up and went pee all without mom. He did hit the toilet so I am not arguing. Now half the time he wants to shut the door and do it himself. The truth is we still have 3 or 4 accidents a week. Tends to be in the evening when mom is less diligent to have him go.

The unga(pooh) thing remained a mystery to Aaron. He would tell me after he went but not before. The few times he did go he was excited to make snakes but wasn't sure how to do it regularly. He would make balls in his underwear and then tell me he had gone. He didn't want to sit on the toilet to try to make unga and couldn't understand why he couldn't stand. So we would have him stand and then sit for about a minute. No luck I was convinced I would be putting unga in the toiled forever and washing underwear once a day. Then at Christmas he started asking to go unga and has been ever since. The only accidents we have had was when his stool was runny.

The whole truth.
I use pull ups on very long trips - it caused a regression on the Florida trip(like three clothes changes in a day regression) but not the trip to Wisconsin(we did have two accidents in underwear and two in pull ups). One accident was brought on by too much laughing I can live with that.
I carry a change of clothes.
I am confident to go to the store and swimming with Aaron in underwear.
He doesn't wear pull ups during nap but does at night.
We still have 3 to 4 accidents a week.
Perry prefers he wear pull ups when he is with him - so I don't fight him and I warn him if Aaron has real underwear on.
I feel like we have come amazingly far but there is a ways to go but I am content.

So that is the truth.


david, kim, anthony and sophie said...

thank you for that bit of truth. we are still struggling with anthony. the only time he warns us he has to potty is when we are in a doctors office waiting room, on the highway with nowhere to stop or in the check out line at the store!

i tried setting the timer and having him try every 25 minutes but he got frustrated with this after a few hours. somedays he just refuses to be on the potty.

sometimes he sits on the potty with his clothes on, pretends to push, claps for himself and off he goes to play again.

as long as they are potty trained in time for kindergarden! thats our goal!

Ellen said...

Thanks, Amanda. I'm just now seeing this. I hope that Seth just "gets it" on poop one of these days. I wonder why that part is so hard for them. We're going to make it, but this potty training thing can be rough some days...