Thursday, January 28, 2010

This and That

Today so far has been a really good day. It is not to say there hasn't been any sibling sharing issues but over all a good day. Andrew and Aaron were great on the ride into swimming and Andrew even helped Aaron get his shoe back on his foot. Then after lunch they played great and I got the floor mopped and then they "helped" me wipe the windows. It is nice to have a good day.

I was going to brag last night that Aaron had gone three days without an accident and then last night at 7:30PM we had one. Not only one but one on the couch. So much for bragging about how well potty training is going. Overall it is going pretty well. I am just thankful everyday for an older brother because when Andrew goes Aaron is suddenly convinced that he needs to go. Doing this without an older sibling would be so much harder.

My final thought of the day comes from the YMCA. I keep having this come up and haven't mastered the perfect answer. Older lady comes up to me at the Y and says hello, cute kids etc. Then are they brothers. My answer is yes. She then proceeds to say how luck I am that I was able to get brothers. Now the question is do I correct her or leave it go. If anyone takes a moment to look at my sons they do not look like each other but I get this regularly. So to some people they must look alike. Today I say they are not biological brothers but they are brothers. I then tell her where they were born. But part of me just wants to leave her in the wrong and leave it there. I don't want to make a big deal about it but also don't want to hide and I want to be positive in front of my children. I will keep pondering and I am sure I will get better at it. I am leaning towards just leaving it with they are brothers.

I need to learn how to answer so I can teach my children to do it.

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david, kim, anthony and sophie said...

i say they are brothers. your family was created in Gods eyes just like mine or your neighbors. i would say it sends them a better message having over heard you say that they are brothers rather than hearing you explain how they are different. go with your momma instincts!