Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This year for the first time in several years we were able to go North Carolina for actual Christmas. It was a beautiful time and it was warmer than home and that is always a bonus when it hasn't been above freezing in several weeks. Our Christmas in North Carolina included a Christmas Eve party that Perry mom cooked and cooked for and the food was great. The boys enjoyed meeting new people. We also enjoyed a visit to the farm. The day before Andrew had gone to see the cows. We were showered by presents. In the Barbee tradition they looked for the toys with most noise and as many pieces as possible. I understand that Perry had some loud annoying toys as a child. Or at least this the story I am getting.

Grandpa made the boys eggs every morning which they love and there was much fun had by all.

We eventually came home and on Monday night we had Christmas with Mom and Dad and Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindi and Uncle Gabe. Aunt Cindi made an amazing feast and presents were again opened. Perry and I have decided next year we are just buying balloons. Fun and a good time were had by all. And even with all the craziness Andrew could tell you it was Jesus' birthday and the basics of the Christmas story. Aaron thinks it is a second birthday. We'll give him another year.

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