Saturday, January 16, 2010

Visit to Great Grandpa's

I failed to get many pictures of this adventure but it was a good one. After all the Christmas running we loaded up and went to Pittsburgh December 30. The next morning we took a flight to Wisconsin. We are told it nearly didn't happen due to mechanical problems and canceled flights. We are very thankful for the plan that detoured from Baltimore to pick us and the 30 other passengers up.

Once we arrived the adventure began in earnest. We headed to great grandpop where enjoyed all sorts fun. We counted Christmas trees, checked out a toy village and generally flirted with all the people. We even enjoyed a game of bean bag toss at Grandma Lorna's. Sabbath we worshiped at the Milton church what was amazing was Andrew who had been there once walked into the church took a right turn and informed me that this was his classroom. He was absolutely correct. His memory and sense of direction amazes me.

We enjoyed swimming and entertaining Great grandpa with balloons and great grandpa gives them lots of candy(they loved it mom wasn't so sure but you only visit occasionally). We also made a trip to Culver's and had ice cream cake in honor of Great grandpa and Grandpop's birthday.

Monday we returned to the real world. But we loved our trip and the boys now pretend to fly to great grandpa's. They were also overjoyed at the care package that arrived from great grandpa. It contained what was left of a giant bowl of candy.

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