Monday, September 23, 2013


 A visit to the Meadows - my father claims this is better than Culvers.  Whether is it is or not it is good eats.
 Our local playground has gotten some up grades and this is the new swing.  Angela on the regular swing has figured out how to make herself go. Less work for mom and good exercise for Angela.
 We had a super short visit from the cousins but a good time was had by all.  Playgrounds and racing on the track are simple great fun.
 Angela experienced her first baseball game.  She is now trying to use the baseball bat and ball.  This keeps things interesting.
 The boys enjoyed swimming at my parents neighbors.
 Grandpa Barbee and Mimi came to visit right after we came home.  Lucy also came along for the ride.  Angela had initially dubbed all Grandpas, Grandpa Barbee.  She is beginning to figure this out.  We are calling Mimi occasionally to let Angela get her Tagalog fix.  Angela is picking up English like a sponge.
She loves to put things in and out.  Match shapes and use the legos.  She likes accessories but not particularly dolls.  She loves to run and jump and blow bubbles.  Aaron and she play well together and Aaron is very patient.  Andrew wants Angela's attention but wants her to be 8.  So he gets bored quickly when she can't do something.