Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yes this is a national holiday but it is also an important reminder to give thanks and most importantly to give thanks to the one who gives us life. We have had a very nice thanksgiving; I failed to take any pictures. We enjoyed thanksgiving with Gabe, Mama(Nanna), Papa, Aunt Laura, Uncle Joel, Dad, Mom, Aunt Cindi, and Uncle Jim. Andrew had a great time playing with Uncle Joel. Sabbath the Choraleers gave us a lovely concert and we enjoyed a fellowship meal afterwards. A good time was had by all.

So I will take a moment to give thanks
1. That God has given me each day and an opportunity to have a relationship with him.
2. For my kind and helpful husband
3 For my 2 boys - I only had one last year
4. The encouragement of friends and family
5. For the teenagers in my life - they keep me young
6. For a few moments to read
7. Sleep
8. When I get to go on a date with my hubby
9. Swimming lessons and Story time at the library that bring variety to my life
10. For basements where boys can be crazy
11. For a job with a boss who is flexible with the schedule.

You get the idea I have a lot to be thankful for today.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Virginia Beach Part 2

While we were in Virginia Beach we went to the zoo. We had a great time and David and Kim's Double stroller made it much easier. Why this picture on this trip we discovered that Andrew is good at reading maps. He used the signs and the map to tell us where we were going and where we had been. It was least one of us wasn't lost.
Yes we actually saw live animals at the zoo. This was one of the boys favorites. They said dog but it is really a fox.

Riding the rhinoceros.

Andrew and the turtle.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just gotta smile

As I have mentioned before we are in potty training world. Well tonight Aaron did not want to part with his big boy Grover underwear. Mom is envisioning wet sheets in the middle of the night but is not wanting to discourage big boy underwearing(yes I know this is not a word but it describes it so well). So the solution on the fly - Diaper with Grover underwear over top. Aaron is thrilled mom is not changing sheets. About five minutes later he has unzipped pajamas to show his underwear to mom. You just gotta smile.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Virginia Beach

Mom let the boys and I come down with her to watch Anthony and Sophie. I am sure it would have been quieter and simpler without us but the boys had a great time. I enjoy having the boys and Sophie all together. The first day we didn't do so well getting pictures but this the lone picture from the farm we went to see. The boys played and had a hayride and chased the animals and petted a few. So it was a great time had by all. This is Anthony on the tractor.

The next day was spent at the beach. The boys played and played. In the sand and on the little dunes. Sophie was an amazing sport in her carrier. We used a blanket as a hat and got sand in everything. We even saw some dolphins in the ocean. I have never been a sit at the beach person but as much fun as they had I might become one. So here are a couple of pictures.

Sophie with her blanket hat.
I had brought freezer containers and shovels from home in anticipation of some beach time.

I think this picture is so cute. Anthony played in the sand, went up and down the stairs and generally kept an eye on everyone.

We never quite made a sandcastle but a great time was had by all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Everyone has different theories on children and sleeping. Some are firm believers in the family bed other feel that the baby should sleep in the crib from day 1. And some of us end up half way in between. Why do I mention this well Aaron has had a big milestone for us. I am probably going to cause a regression by mentioning this on the blog but I am excited. Aaron has been on a journey since he came home. He was not used to sleeping alone when he came home so we have been in a slow journey to independence since then. First getting used to the crib which involved rocking him till he was sleep and laying him down. Eventually we moved to one us lying down beside the crib with him holding our hand. Next just lying next to him. You get the idea. Well we had made it to us sitting outside the door. Well just a week ago, Perry decided to try what we do with Andrew which do all the night rituals and then tell him where we going and what we were going do and say goodnight. It worked. So we have been doing this and there have only been a couple of relapses and it is working at nap time as well. It has been a journey but it is exciting to us. It is nice for me because I don't spend half of nap time waiting for everyone to fall asleep.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Boys are way different girls. Yes I am stating the obvious but my boys remind me of this all the time and especially when we get around girls. Girls want to sit on the couch - boys want to climb on top and jump off. Girls want to go down the slide - Boys want to climb up it. Girls want to build a tower - boys want to knock it down. But for all the differences it really does make life fun. They are full board all the time and yet they have very different personalities. Isn't it amazing how God makes us in some ways so similar and yet in others so different.
Here are the boys "helping Mommy with the dishes". They do love the water. Here is some of the best spent money. Aunt Cindi and Uncle Jim picked this big wheel up and Andrew ran it until the wheel came off. He is still riding it and Mom is trying to decide if the pin sticking out is a hazard. It probably is.
This is a combined tower building adventure. Sometimes they show no interest in block and other days we spend over an hour. Life is funny that way.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Women's Retreat

At the end of Sept a group of women headed to Camp Joy to retreat and rejuvenate. We were looking at the topic of the promise land. We used a video series called that the world may know. It was encouraging and challenging. We were reminded to step in to the water and be standing stones. I really enjoyed just relaxing and being childless.
Linda working on a prayer shaw.

Here is how we watched our videos.
Sabbath worship was great. There presentations and testimonies. And even some awesome special music.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Andrew the Photographer

Andrew loves to take pictures. Some of them are better than others. So here are a few of the better ones. You must have a picture of the photographer.

With Andrew you have to have car pictures.
Here is a tree picture.

I found this picture interesting and fun.
Lastly a picture of his brother.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Boys

This is a lot of fun. The boys push each others buttons but they don't like to go anywhere without each other. If one goes outside the other must go. If one is done eating so is the other.
Andrew loves his cars. He parks them. Lines them up. Drives them. Makes them. You get the idea.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The First Wooley Worm

This is the first Wooley worm sighting. They were totally fascinated by the wooley worm. They watched and watched it and then came to check after supper too. Here is the wooley warm. You can decide what weather it is predicting.