Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Everyone has different theories on children and sleeping. Some are firm believers in the family bed other feel that the baby should sleep in the crib from day 1. And some of us end up half way in between. Why do I mention this well Aaron has had a big milestone for us. I am probably going to cause a regression by mentioning this on the blog but I am excited. Aaron has been on a journey since he came home. He was not used to sleeping alone when he came home so we have been in a slow journey to independence since then. First getting used to the crib which involved rocking him till he was sleep and laying him down. Eventually we moved to one us lying down beside the crib with him holding our hand. Next just lying next to him. You get the idea. Well we had made it to us sitting outside the door. Well just a week ago, Perry decided to try what we do with Andrew which do all the night rituals and then tell him where we going and what we were going do and say goodnight. It worked. So we have been doing this and there have only been a couple of relapses and it is working at nap time as well. It has been a journey but it is exciting to us. It is nice for me because I don't spend half of nap time waiting for everyone to fall asleep.


david, kim, anthony and sophie said...

yay! good job aaron! and good job mom and dd for hanging in there!

Ellen said...

Hey, you didn't get to teach him how to sleep from the time he was a baby, and that's hard enough anyway. Of course it's going to take him longer to learn to sleep on his own when he had so many, many months sleeping with someone else. =) You're doing great!