Monday, November 9, 2009


Boys are way different girls. Yes I am stating the obvious but my boys remind me of this all the time and especially when we get around girls. Girls want to sit on the couch - boys want to climb on top and jump off. Girls want to go down the slide - Boys want to climb up it. Girls want to build a tower - boys want to knock it down. But for all the differences it really does make life fun. They are full board all the time and yet they have very different personalities. Isn't it amazing how God makes us in some ways so similar and yet in others so different.
Here are the boys "helping Mommy with the dishes". They do love the water. Here is some of the best spent money. Aunt Cindi and Uncle Jim picked this big wheel up and Andrew ran it until the wheel came off. He is still riding it and Mom is trying to decide if the pin sticking out is a hazard. It probably is.
This is a combined tower building adventure. Sometimes they show no interest in block and other days we spend over an hour. Life is funny that way.

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Andrew Camenga said...

I don't dispute that boys and girls are different -- but, for the moment, your examples would make Elisa a boy: she climbs on top of furniture (and is clearly contemplating jumping off), climbs up the slide (and slides down in order to be ready to go back up), and knocks down towers (and then waits for the next one to be built).

Just found your list truly fun to consider. We'll see what happens as she moves from 15 months . . .