Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Impatiently awaiting Aaron

These photos are made possible by our foster family and Karl. Our foster family kindly sends us pictures every couple of weeks. They had been coming in PowerPoint format and I had not been able to convert them. So I have been enjoying them but no one else. Now for the Karl part. I had tried everything I could think of then I thought I know a computer guy. And Karl came to my rescue and guided me to a down loadable program that saved the day. So enjoy these new pictures. Some are from late September and the bottom one is from Sunday.

By the way Mr. Aaron is now 14 pounds. We are moving through the legal system in Guatemala. We pray for his health, his foster family, his birth family and his quick arrival home.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Apples, Apples, and more Apples

One of our family traditions - in part due to the apple trees in my parents backyard involves a Sunday morning sometime in the fall though I can remember it being done in December on occasion - is making and canning applesauce. Because of this history I have a tendency to turn my nose up at store bought applesauce. And though my mom is probably right and it isn't cheaper to can applesauce I still adore it. I had never thought about till this year everyone has their jobs. Gabe and David(when he was home) and Dad too usually did the picking. When it came to making the applesauce Mom and I tend to have the cutting and coring duty.
Dad and sometimes David and Gabe were in charge of the machine that truly makes the applesauce. Which I should mention I actually used this time and realized I never do this part. It is also great because it spits out any run away seeds and the peels. (Note this machine also makes great jelly). Dad sugars the applesauce and Mom and I test it. It is then put in jars and canned.
I must admit that it is hard work. It is definitely worth it and much more fun when everyone helps. We made 32 quarts of applesauce in 3 hours. We still have more apples but maybe we will wait till December.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wisconsin Adventures

We are riding WWII DUKW they were used to move troops and stuff to and from places. What makes them fun is that they go from land to water without stopping. They are not particularly fast but allow you to check out the scenery and if you have a good driver learn a little and laugh a little. We were in the Wisconsin Dells which is a man made lake area and there are water parks everywhere.
This is splashing down into the lake.
When our family gets together they like to eat and we did a lot of this weekend. We also do a lot of laughing which is my favorite. Perry and I were also soundly beaten at scrabble. I got to go swimming and had several nice conversations with random people. We also were able to go to church in Milton, WI. We also were able to do a couple of presentations of our Guyana trip and thank the Memorial Board for their support.
Now for some Sights and Sounds of Fairhaven
My grandpa (known to many as PC) lives in the town of Whitewater WI and in a cute little apartment in Fairhaven. They are not allowed to have personal pets but there are birds on several floors and huge fish tanks. Grandpa is into everything. I suspect that he know everybody there.
This is a bad picture but this one of many cool rooms at Fairhaven and they show movies, have parties and even worship here. Grandpa is in charge of the movies. Also Grandma Lorna has a great place here as well. We were able to have lunch with her and Cheri on Sabbath.

All in all a wonderful way to spend a weekend!!!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Party in Wisconsin

Perry and I have started a wonderful mini vacation. We have come to the Wisconsin Dells to visit my Grandpa Graffius. We are staying in a hotel and get to listen to a time share promotion. To make it even better Aunt Cindi and Uncle Jim are here as well. We had quite the bumpy ride on the plane. We have already eaten at a Famous Daves. Famous Daves is a rib place and a chain. If there is one in your area try it. We are about to play scrabble we will update you later.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Thoughts on Infertility

I have been thinking a lot lately about my journey through infertility and where it has led me. But more the fact that everyone's journey is different and may lead to a different result. I believe the Lord has a journey for every woman and that he has a special and unique result for each one. Their journey may be shorter or longer than mine and that is okay. My journey has taken me through infertility treatments, waiting, trusting and believing the Lord has a plan. His plan for me led to a pursuit of an international adoption and Aaron. But the journey for someone else may end with a very special birth child. Another's journey may lead to contentment without children. Another's may lead to fostering children. Another may lead to a domestic adoption. Everyone's journey is different but the Lord goes with you and if you allow it He can use it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My cute nephew

I owe a big thank you to my sister in law Kim and David too for these pictures and a few others. The weekend that they were here I kept forgetting my camera and they took pictures for us.
This is Anthony with Uncle Perry. He is practicing.
This is a family pic minus Kim and Gabe. Anothony is sleeping or wanting to sleep.
This is the cutie close up.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thanks to our youth group

Today I was in a funk. I can not decide exactly why but I was. Tonight we had a youth group meeting. We have been having meetings Sunday night instead of Friday night so we are not competing with football. We have also been having supper for them; we average between 6 - 10 youth. I usually enjoy it but tonight I was struggling with a case of I do not want toos. But they came enjoyed food, fun, bible study and wanted just to talk. They wanted us to listen to what they were thinking and what they were hoping for in the days to come. I was humbled and encouraged by the fact that they want us in their lives. I am proud of them and how they are growing in their faith. Their enthusiasm helped to rid me of my funk and I just want thank the Lord for His many blessings. God once again helped me to look outward when I was looking inward. Thank you Lord for youth.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Aaron Update

I love this picture. He looks surprised but so awake. And just cute. Yes I know I am biased.
This is a more recent picture. He is getting so big. At his last doctors appointment in August he was 2 months 18 days old and 25 inches long and 8 pounds 10 ounces.

It is hard to explain how much I and Perry love this fellow. Some might argue he will never look like you and you did not carry him for nine months how can you love him. Because I choose to love. Just as I daily choose to love my husband. I love Perry passionately and completely. It does not mean that Perry does not disappoint and fail me. My love is not dependent on Perry's response. I believe that is why I can love Aaron without ever physically holding him yet. I look forward to the day I will hold him and what I hope for is the day Aaron is not just a picture but a reality. Those that are already moms are saying wait till reality hits and you are probably right. For right now I live in my naivety.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just a couple pictures from outside of our home. It is the time of year that you really appreciate the weather and changing of seasons. All summer we have had a corn fence and it is gone. So I am feeling exposed to the elements. This morning there were huge vultures in the field across from the house. The pictures don't do them justice. We are reducing the amount of mud that enters the house with this patio. Jeff a local lanscaper installed it and it looks amazing. The flowers are a few from around the house. They are perennials so hopefully they will be back next year.