Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thanks to our youth group

Today I was in a funk. I can not decide exactly why but I was. Tonight we had a youth group meeting. We have been having meetings Sunday night instead of Friday night so we are not competing with football. We have also been having supper for them; we average between 6 - 10 youth. I usually enjoy it but tonight I was struggling with a case of I do not want toos. But they came enjoyed food, fun, bible study and wanted just to talk. They wanted us to listen to what they were thinking and what they were hoping for in the days to come. I was humbled and encouraged by the fact that they want us in their lives. I am proud of them and how they are growing in their faith. Their enthusiasm helped to rid me of my funk and I just want thank the Lord for His many blessings. God once again helped me to look outward when I was looking inward. Thank you Lord for youth.

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