Thursday, October 4, 2007

Aaron Update

I love this picture. He looks surprised but so awake. And just cute. Yes I know I am biased.
This is a more recent picture. He is getting so big. At his last doctors appointment in August he was 2 months 18 days old and 25 inches long and 8 pounds 10 ounces.

It is hard to explain how much I and Perry love this fellow. Some might argue he will never look like you and you did not carry him for nine months how can you love him. Because I choose to love. Just as I daily choose to love my husband. I love Perry passionately and completely. It does not mean that Perry does not disappoint and fail me. My love is not dependent on Perry's response. I believe that is why I can love Aaron without ever physically holding him yet. I look forward to the day I will hold him and what I hope for is the day Aaron is not just a picture but a reality. Those that are already moms are saying wait till reality hits and you are probably right. For right now I live in my naivety.


jamiehess said...

Hello, This is Jamie Hess, Perry's half sister. Our mother just sent me the link to this blog and I was so excited to see that you guys had adpoted a baby. My husband and I are currently trying to have a child of our own but we are having no luck. Aaron is just beautiful. I am so very happy for you too. I love to see the Lord moving and working in others lives. Hope all continues to go well. I look forward to seeing more pictures and reading more about your ministries in the future. God Bless You All.
With All My Love, Jamie Hess... Rockwell, NC

Anonymous said...

Well put, my dear. He is a handsome little guy, AND he's the one God set aside specifically for you & Perry! :) I loved this post, and had to tell you so.

PS...thank you for your loving comment to my latest post. It means so much.

Take care!

Ellen said...

He's such a cutie, Amanda. He's a teeny little bug. I hope he'll still be a one hander when you finally get to hold him. They're so sweet when they're tiny... Sniff.