Friday, October 19, 2007

Party in Wisconsin

Perry and I have started a wonderful mini vacation. We have come to the Wisconsin Dells to visit my Grandpa Graffius. We are staying in a hotel and get to listen to a time share promotion. To make it even better Aunt Cindi and Uncle Jim are here as well. We had quite the bumpy ride on the plane. We have already eaten at a Famous Daves. Famous Daves is a rib place and a chain. If there is one in your area try it. We are about to play scrabble we will update you later.


Micah Preston said...

We loved visiting with Aunt Cindi and Uncle Jim recently too. Have fun! You don't want to make an 8 hr drive to come see us, do you? Would love to see you both!

david kim and anthony said...

tell aunt cindi, uncle jim and grandpa graffius that we said hi! have fun!