Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wisconsin Adventures

We are riding WWII DUKW they were used to move troops and stuff to and from places. What makes them fun is that they go from land to water without stopping. They are not particularly fast but allow you to check out the scenery and if you have a good driver learn a little and laugh a little. We were in the Wisconsin Dells which is a man made lake area and there are water parks everywhere.
This is splashing down into the lake.
When our family gets together they like to eat and we did a lot of this weekend. We also do a lot of laughing which is my favorite. Perry and I were also soundly beaten at scrabble. I got to go swimming and had several nice conversations with random people. We also were able to go to church in Milton, WI. We also were able to do a couple of presentations of our Guyana trip and thank the Memorial Board for their support.
Now for some Sights and Sounds of Fairhaven
My grandpa (known to many as PC) lives in the town of Whitewater WI and in a cute little apartment in Fairhaven. They are not allowed to have personal pets but there are birds on several floors and huge fish tanks. Grandpa is into everything. I suspect that he know everybody there.
This is a bad picture but this one of many cool rooms at Fairhaven and they show movies, have parties and even worship here. Grandpa is in charge of the movies. Also Grandma Lorna has a great place here as well. We were able to have lunch with her and Cheri on Sabbath.

All in all a wonderful way to spend a weekend!!!!!!

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