Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Impatiently awaiting Aaron

These photos are made possible by our foster family and Karl. Our foster family kindly sends us pictures every couple of weeks. They had been coming in PowerPoint format and I had not been able to convert them. So I have been enjoying them but no one else. Now for the Karl part. I had tried everything I could think of then I thought I know a computer guy. And Karl came to my rescue and guided me to a down loadable program that saved the day. So enjoy these new pictures. Some are from late September and the bottom one is from Sunday.

By the way Mr. Aaron is now 14 pounds. We are moving through the legal system in Guatemala. We pray for his health, his foster family, his birth family and his quick arrival home.

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david kim and anthony said...

have you heard anything about when he's coming yet? he looks like a healthy 14 pounds and is just under anthony. hes so cute in his hoodie in the last picture!