Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just A Quick Tip

For some of you this is probably nodah but I had never thought of this before the other night. Occasionally I need to crush an herb and I don't want to go to the basement and get the mortar and pestle or have a second coffee grinder lying around. So I took a Ziploc and but the herb in it. I then used my heavy rolling pin to crush it. It worked really well and it was quick. Hope this helps someone.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Sporting Boys

I love this picture... a classic boy water and stick photo. Soon it will be fall. The big tado today was Andrew got to ride Mr. Bob's tractor and see the cows. After this fun time we lost electricity a different tractor hit a telephone pole and took it down. So after several hours I gave up and went to mom to make lunch so I wouldn't open the fridge and loose the cool.
Here are the boys trying to play pingpong. They try hard but it is funnier than effective.
Can you tell they love to swim.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I generally avoid politics on this blog but I have been listening to rhetoric on both sides of an issue and I would like to weigh in probably not where you expect. There has been much talk over the congressman Wilson 'you lie' statement during the presidents last speech. Let me begin by saying that I didn't watch the whole speech but I was watching when this statement occurred. I would also like to add the presidential speeches drive me crazy and I don't care who is in office because every 30 seconds they are applauding and the speech takes forever. This is probably why I prefer debates because each candidate stands up makes his statement uninterrupted. Let the president give his speech and then talk about it. Anyway why this is issue is bothering me is two fold I guess.

First, I saw the statement it was not a racial response it was a response to what the president said regarding healthcare to illegal immigrants. So was it disrespectful to comment that loudly during the speech yes. Was it attack on the presidents character probably but calling someone a liar is not limited to a single race. I heard no racial slurs. Was it true we will have to see what the final bill if it looks like and that will answer the question.

Second if we are going to make a race an issue which I don't think is true than the supposedly discriminated against group I believe is wrong. The press said this comment was addressed at the president because he is African American. Would not it be just as appropriate if not more accurate that the congressman is racist against Latinos because in the American mindset all illegal immigrants are Latinos. Thus he is racist against Latinos instead of African Americans. By the way I think race issue with this statement is far fetched on either side but I would say the argument for the Latinos is stronger than that African American. Bottom line this was not a racial response but a policy/ideal difference response. Not appropriate but not racial.

Finally before you think I have no clue about racial issues let me tell a personal story. A couple of weeks ago my boys and I were playing at a local park and were the only one there. About half way through another boy with his mom and dad arrived. Andrew is fearless and loves to play with other kids attempted to play with this boy. He was not interested in playing and wanted Andrew to leave him alone. After a little I took the boys home. Part of me wanted to play the race card. The little boy didn't want to play with Andrew because looked different. But the more likely reason is this boy appeared to be an only child and was used to playing by himself and just didn't want to play. (By the way Andrew and I talked about the fact that not everyone wants to play and that this is okay). My point is this, is the child racist maybe but probably not. The more logical answer came after I took a moment to look at the situation.

My point is this should congressman play nice and share, yes. The fact that he didn't doesn't make him racist. Look at the whole thing before either side call names and understand that not everyone wants to play nice even when they should.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Andrew's Car Passion

This is at a picinic after church one Sabbath. Karl and Sam had this cool stroller. But I want you to enjoy the next picture.

Andrew loves to push/drive anything with wheels. Karl is trying to get Abby to sleep but Andrew wanted to follow him with Nathan's stroller. This is so normal for him. From garbage cans, to dad's case carrier, to strollers or his steering wheel, if it has wheels Andrew wants to drive it. Who knows we may have a budding car mechanic. I am hoping for this over a race car driver or ice road trucker. But if God wants him to be those Mom will adjust.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The End of Summer

Both boys love corn on the cob.

It is amazing to think that the summer has come and gone. The school bus have started running. We are about to start youth for the year. I thought I would take a minute to brag on my boys. Both Aaron and Andrew are in the big boy swimming class which means no mommy. I am looking forward to being able to do continuing education while they are swimming. Though part of me is going to miss the water with Aaron. We have begun with Aaron the final move of Aaron at bedtime - hoping to get so that we can just lay him down without sitting in the room. So yesterday I began sitting outside the door. We had a minor meltdown but he asked to go pee and then got back in bed and was fine. Last night no argument - we will keep working on it. Aaron is making twice nightly visits to our room since we made the bed a toddler bed. He was getting to point he could almost climb out and we were afraid that he might fall however is the result that twice a night we are walking him back to his bed. One thing at a time I am telling myself. Andrew is talking up a storm and still adores his cars and how everything moves. Both boys would play outside all time if I let them so it will be interesting when winter returns.
I usually avoid book promos on this blog but my husband got me a book actually two for my birthday. As you might guess it takes me forever to read them but I have finally finished the first one and loved it. I guess one of the reasons is that was a book about moms and toddlers without being preachy. Alot of books I have seen are how to raise the prefect child and everyone has a different way to do it. This book does have a little advise but it is mainly a collection of story of real moms and things that their children have done and the encouragement that the children and mom survived. It is called Mom is Locked in the Bathroom. A fun and encouraging read.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It has been a while since I tortured you with a recipe but I was proud of my creativity last night so I will share. I know I have read something similar in magazine. Yesterday I had read a recipe with corn flakes and didn't have a good cereal substitute. So here is the result.

Chip covered Chicken.

1 cup flour
1 egg
2 tbsp milk
1 cup of crushed sour cream and onion chips or gold fish
3 chicken breasts cut into strips

Put flour on a plate. Put milk and egg in a bowl and beat lightly. Put chips/crackers on a plate. Coat the chicken in flour then egg mixture finally the crumbs. Cook chicken in skillet flipping half through.

I made both varieties last night. I preferred the chips and Perry preferred the goldfish. I suspect that this could be made with any kind of chip or tortilla chip. Reduce calories by using water instead of egg and milk. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A trip to the park

Andrew calls the park near Fort Bedford Snake Park and this is a few pictures from a trip with Sam, Karl and Abigail. The park is not in the greatest condition but they do have a lot of fun. There are ducks and the Junita River. A trip down the slide is great fun and Andrew makes two trips for Aaron one but they have lots of fun.

Both boys love to swing. They always want pushed but Andrew has figured out how to make himself go higher but mom is better. They want to go big higher

Abigail who is less mobile is sort of content on the blanket. I now dream of the days when Aaron was content to play in one spot.

THe Abigail fascination continues. Both boys were in wonder of this girl that was littler and smaller than them. Andrew even did some worrying over her. They also have a Sophie fascination. It must be younger women. So soon.

I am very grateful parks and will besad when winter comes but we will be starting back to swiming lessons this week so this will be good.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Random Conference Pictures

Andrew thought that the best job at conference was driving the golf carts. No he doesn't want to be president he wants to be the golf cart driver. He had to settle for being a passenger but that was okay too.

Andrew thought Karl camera was cool so here is a picture of me compliments of Andrew.

Andrew and Dad at play. Isn't Andrew strong? I thought it was to be the other way around.

More silliness.