Sunday, September 13, 2009

The End of Summer

Both boys love corn on the cob.

It is amazing to think that the summer has come and gone. The school bus have started running. We are about to start youth for the year. I thought I would take a minute to brag on my boys. Both Aaron and Andrew are in the big boy swimming class which means no mommy. I am looking forward to being able to do continuing education while they are swimming. Though part of me is going to miss the water with Aaron. We have begun with Aaron the final move of Aaron at bedtime - hoping to get so that we can just lay him down without sitting in the room. So yesterday I began sitting outside the door. We had a minor meltdown but he asked to go pee and then got back in bed and was fine. Last night no argument - we will keep working on it. Aaron is making twice nightly visits to our room since we made the bed a toddler bed. He was getting to point he could almost climb out and we were afraid that he might fall however is the result that twice a night we are walking him back to his bed. One thing at a time I am telling myself. Andrew is talking up a storm and still adores his cars and how everything moves. Both boys would play outside all time if I let them so it will be interesting when winter returns.
I usually avoid book promos on this blog but my husband got me a book actually two for my birthday. As you might guess it takes me forever to read them but I have finally finished the first one and loved it. I guess one of the reasons is that was a book about moms and toddlers without being preachy. Alot of books I have seen are how to raise the prefect child and everyone has a different way to do it. This book does have a little advise but it is mainly a collection of story of real moms and things that their children have done and the encouragement that the children and mom survived. It is called Mom is Locked in the Bathroom. A fun and encouraging read.

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