Saturday, September 5, 2009

A trip to the park

Andrew calls the park near Fort Bedford Snake Park and this is a few pictures from a trip with Sam, Karl and Abigail. The park is not in the greatest condition but they do have a lot of fun. There are ducks and the Junita River. A trip down the slide is great fun and Andrew makes two trips for Aaron one but they have lots of fun.

Both boys love to swing. They always want pushed but Andrew has figured out how to make himself go higher but mom is better. They want to go big higher

Abigail who is less mobile is sort of content on the blanket. I now dream of the days when Aaron was content to play in one spot.

THe Abigail fascination continues. Both boys were in wonder of this girl that was littler and smaller than them. Andrew even did some worrying over her. They also have a Sophie fascination. It must be younger women. So soon.

I am very grateful parks and will besad when winter comes but we will be starting back to swiming lessons this week so this will be good.

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