Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcome Book

Every country and agency have a little different rules of what is acceptable to send to your waiting child.  With Aaron, I made a quilt with pictures of most of the major family members.  This is Anthony's version I can't find a picture of Aaron's and it is now well woren. Quilt
With Andrew we had such little time I sent a little book with pictures of us slid in the sleeves and handwritten notes about us.  With our little girl we were to make a welcome book.  So I went to Walmart online and made a book.  I had never attempted that before but it turned out really well.  I hope that it stayed within the guidelines.  But I want to share a couple of pictures because I got to go thru some to decide what to put in the book.  After it was made, I realized I didn't tell her much about Perry and me.  But the boys and cousins got lots of face time.  So here are a couple of pictures.
 Grandpop taking the kids on a tractor ride.
 The official silly kids picture from picture today for the family.
 Some great extended family pictures.
 Andrew took this picture of Aaron and I love it.
Andrew wearing the sombrero at Azteca.  We are so excited to send her this book and can't wait until she gets to know us in person.

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