Monday, July 28, 2008

Comfort Quilts

This is Hilda and she is my quilting teacher. She is amazing; she teaches quilting, works at the hospital and to keep from getting bored at a local chiropractor. She began making Comfort Quilts this year for cancer patients at people's request. It has been growing and there has been an increasing the number of requests. She has been getting donations from people and I am going to make a request if you are interested please contact me. She has her students help put them together and has a pastor pray that they will be used to bring comfort. Well all this is to say last week I thought it might be good to put a quilt together for Rowena a little girl from Guyana who is to have heart surgery. I called Hilda and she said we would make it happen and the following pictures are the result.
Aaron helping, sort of.
The finished product ready to go to the quilter.
If you would be interested in making other comfort quilts possible please contact me and will connect you up with the right people.

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