Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July. It involved eating too much and spending time with friends and family and telephone calls. Dad had been wanting to have plain old burgers and hot dogs. We sort of obliged by having these items and he also bought some hot - hot dogs and some cheese ones. Mama made potato salad(some of the best in the business) and baked beans. I got off easy Perry made tea and I made cobbler. We had some extra special guests - Ben Hanah and Isaac from church. They had picked some of the berries that went in the cobbler. Due to rain the party that was supposed to happen at mom's happened at my house. Good eats occurred and Perry went to the parents to watch the baseball game. This is one thing Perry misses with the cable cut.

Today is Seth's birthday. Happy birthday.

We also had 17 people for lunch today. We enjoy the company. Perry is recovering and is such a good sport. I love him. I like to cook and have crowds but Perry needs some chill quiet time occasionally. Tomorrow we plan to have one of those days. I will post a couple of pictures later. I haven't down loaded yet.

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