Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Big Scare

We have had Aaron fall out of his stroller and fall against the entertainment center and fall off the couch but generally he was no worse for the wear. However we had a freak out moment as parents in the past few days. Aaron had his vaccines at the pediatrician and he had a TB test. For all you mom's out there this is not a typical test for infant so your doctor probably won't be giving your children this. Aaron was born in a country where TB is common and so it is not unusual for us to do this test. He also had a worm test which was negative so I am like life is great no worries health wise. Well Aaron had a positive test. Which meant he had to have a chest X-ray and I had to call the health department. Being a pharmacist I am trying to figure out how to avoid giving him medicine. Well Aaron does not have any active disease so he can't share but the general recommendation is prophylaxis which means to treat to prevent disease. This is not a lot of fun we are looking at 6 to 9 months of treatment. But in the long run it is best. I am reminded again to be thankful that Aaron is healthy and we are dealing with this now instead of when he was sick. Pray that Aaron will be a good sport about taking the medicine. We see a special doctor at the end of July which will decide exactly which medicine we will use.

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david kim and anthony said...

aw poor little guy. we will be praying for all of you that the treatments go smoothly and are effective.