Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well Aaron had his first haircut. I was a delinquent mother. I forgot the camera but I got the hair. It is a tiny amount but he was a good sport. He let her comb it and cut it but didn't like us playing with his ears to it. She didn't do any razors.

I am incredibly grateful to my husband. Many mornings when he is off he gets up with Aaron and lets me sleep in. He will watch Aaron so I can rest or do other things that don't get done otherwise. I am reminded that I am so blessed by helpful, loving and patient husband.

Since I am waxing sappy. I must say that Aaron has turned our world upside down but I love it. I walk into my living room which I daily clean up and Aaron daily puts his toys back again. And despite the business I am happy. I was never a diligent cleaner but now I squeeze it in during naps and moments when he is entertaining himself well. And this is okay with me. So if you come to my house it will not be perfectly clean but that is okay. I love seeing him laugh and learn new things. His joy in music and making noise in a microphone and his determined crawl. I love the fact that life is simple. Thank you Lord for my precious gift.

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