Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life's Adventures

Where do I begin. Life is full of so many small things. Aaron has figured out how to climb several stairs. His first experience was at Leland and Lettie's (Papa and NanNan) Bond. He loves anything that makes noise. He says Da when Perry comes home and loves playing with a ball. He went to West Virginia for Association and did wonderfully. Grandpop had him most of the day. He has made the switch to milk. The sad thing at a little over a year he is only 19lbs 4 oz which means we can't flip the car seat. Maybe next time. He is an inch taller. He had the pleasure of 4 shots and TB test.
Perry had to work an all night so he is trying to get his schedule back on straight. We have picked raspberries at Kevin and Katrina's Aaron tried and liked them, I have agreed to work vacations and emergencies on days when Perry is off. We will see what happens. Well this is just a quick update.

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