Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bible School Adventures

Last year at Andrew's school a gentlemen brought a race track to school that he uses as a ministry.  It is called word of life FASCAR.  He brings the track and kids bring their matchbox/hotwheel cars and they race.  At the end he presents the gospel message.  We used this event to build a 3 day bible school.  Our theme verse was Hebrews 12:1.  Our theme was running the race.  Our bible stories included Paul - perseverance;  Nehemiah -Team work; Gospel Presentation - Finishing the Race.  We used Auto-B-Good DVDs to supplement and reinforce the theme.  We had wonderful help to lead groups, lessons, crafts, recreation and music.
Here is one of the races in action.
 Here is Mom leading music.
Here are our group winners.  
The kids really enjoyed this adventure and 3 days is longer than we have been doing recently but it worked well.  We will see what next year brings.

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