Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Summer

Dad wanted to go to Hershey Park with the family for his birthday. So six months after his birthday this was his birthday fun.  The kids had a bunch of firsts and we enjoyed a picnic lunch.
 Here are four of them on the twirly ride.  They thought it was great.  There is not a picture but the 3 A's tried out a mini drop ride and they thought that was great,  They also enjoyed the water show and checked out the little zoo.  But I think that their absolute favorite was the mini and grownup log ride.

A good time was had by all.  And the day ended with a stop at Hoss' which is one of Andrew's most favorite places to eat because they have all different kinds of soup and ice cream.

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Jan Graffius said...

It's okay that you were late posting ~ because I was late looking! I just now had an opportunity to catch up! Like your dad, I wanted to go to Dollywood with the whole family for my birthday ~ & we did ON my birthday (Dec. 23!)! Thankfully, it wasn't too cold that day, as it had been!
As usual, I loved your blog ~ all except the part where I found out you had been in FL ~ St. Augustine to boot! ~ without even letting me know! Granted, you were on your anniversary trip, but couldn't I have come up even for an hour?? It's so close, ya know! I would have, because I always miss family so much! So ~ if you're ever in FL again.... Love you guys!