Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Summer Fun

These are someways we entertained ourselves this summer. Andrew is combining to of our favorite activities. One is running through the sprinkler and two playing in the swimming pool. Andrew enjoyed this. He called it being in the rainforest. Yes he is watching quite a bit of Diego right now. Here are two pictures from Bradley's visit. He has moved farther away but cam in to Aunt Grace's for the weekend. The boys are combining their two interests. Andrew's love of anything with wheels and Bradley's love of animals. They had a large set up going by the time they were done.

This summer we also did a good bit of park playing. We also made one trip out to Martinsburg to swim this might have been a mistake. Andrew keeps asking when are we going back. The boys have also helped me pick vegetables and weed the garden which still has way to many weeds. They also love to "wash" dishes. We also take walks down to the stream to see if there is any water and pick walnuts to throw in the water. Overall a great summer.

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