Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The First day of School

Well the day has arrived. Andrew was so excited this morning. I was excited for him but part of me - is going no not my baby I have only had him a short time. I am also hoping and praying he is going to adjust to the structure and still love to be there. I am sure that some of you noticed the pink lunch bag. I let him pick and this was the one he picked. I am hoping that it doesn't get him teased but the boy loves pink. I have a back up plan if it does. He also wanted to take soup for lunch we will see if he is still a soup guy when he comes home tonight after comparing notes with the other kids.We had also been getting ready for school by eliminating nap time for Andrew and making his bedtime earlier. He didn't object to either though he has still taken a couple of naps. We may have to go even earlier to bed; we will see how that goes. Grandpop and Abuela came over to wish him the best on his first day. The school van picked him up a little before 8 AM and is supposed to bring him back about 3:15PM.
My house is suddenly very quiet. Aaron and I enjoyed playing with playdoh this morning and I was able to get the dishes cleaned up and the kitchen floor mopped and the wood floor swept. I feel like I have accomplished a ton and Aaron and I went down and played in the graveyard for a little bit. (No I am not crazy there is a walnut tree in the graveyard by our house and the boys love to collect walnuts and throw them in the air and we also like to go look for letters in the graveyard). Well huge change in the Barbee house I will keep you posted as everyone adjusts.

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david, kim, anthony and sophie said...

congratulations to andrew on his first day of school! anthonys favorite color is yellow so we may end up with the same problem! ha ha!