Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching Up

Well I will start with the weekend of July 16th we headed to Virginia Beach for a very important birthday. It was Anthony's 3rd birthday. So the boys, Grandpop, Abuela and I headed south. The plan was for a trip to the zoo and a party after nap time. So here are a few pictures from the adventure. Anthony opening up presents.
One of my boys favorite parts of the zoo.

The whole crew checking out the reptiles which is one of Anthony's favorites and we got to see an armadillo actually moving. The boys loved seeing the animals even though it was a warm day.
Here is Aaron checking out the snake. Speaking of Aaron he completed his trip to Virginia with a trip to the emergency room. He fell off the bed as I was moving the table away that we had used the night before to keep him from falling out. I sent Andrew for Grandpop and Abuela. Then we made a plan - Abuela and Andrew to see Anthony again and Grandpop Aaron and I to the hospital. Aaron was such a good fellow. They were even able to use little band-aids and glue on his cut instead of stitches because he held still so well. I should note this was a children's hospital as it turned out. They had someone come in and show him what was going to happen and he got to practice on a baby doll. He also managed to charm a blanket, ball and sticker out of the lady that came to help. He now sleeps with the blanket. It was made by a lady name Georgina and a group makes them for the kids. Now he is all good except for a little scar.

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