Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yes things are always changing. I know this but it has been on my mind lately because Andrew is about to have a big change in his life. It will also be a big change in mommy's life. Andrew is going to start kindergarten. After a great debate last year we opted not to do preschool. I don't have any regrets but I know that there is pressure both ways. It was this pressure and the unusual experience for me of working on the same day with Perry that has brought together some random thoughts and experiences.

The first reflects back to Perry and my journey through infertility. My parents have a dog called Tina. She is a golden retriever and Goldens have a tendency toward tumors. When these occur each family must decided what they are going to do. They may leave them go; or they may have them surgically removed knowing they may come back or they may opt for chemotherapy or radiation. As you read this you may go I know what we would do and how far we would go. However you may talk to someone else and they would say your crazy I would do this. At some point which ever option you choose you as a family will say this is enough we are done. This experience made me look back and reflect that this was how it was during our treatments and the decisions we made along the way. We had several options and many people had opinions on what you should and would do. We made our choice and there came a point we knew we were done. It wasn't an easy decision but we knew it and it was okay. Where that point is for every family is different but it doesn't mean you wanted it any less. Just as the choice you make for your dog doesn't mean that you don't love it but you know when you are done. I should note Tina had a tumor removed and she is getting better day by day. What happens next I don't know but right now she brings joy into my boys lives and I think that they keep this 11 year old dog young.

The other big thought was brought on by a day when both Perry and I worked all day. Miss Grace and Miss Katrina watched the boys and did a great job of course but it got me to reflecting. It made me ask what was I missing. I am blessed and spoiled by the fact that I can stay home with my boys. Many do not have this choice. As much as I asked questions I still felt like I had missed something. It made me understand a little more why some choose to homeschool. When Andrew comes home from school no matter how many questions I ask I can not have experienced it with him as much as I may want. Because we have made the choice to send him to kindergarten this mother must learn to adjust to change. I must learn a new way of being in his life. Aaron will go back to being an only child during the day. I think he will like it but I think that it will tame Aaron's adventurous side in his attempts to keep up with brother. I look forward to learning new ways to lead and guide my children.

Finally I must brag on my oldest son. And also thank the Lord for his Sabbath school teachers. We had taken Tina to the vet and in his office the vet has a Noah's Ark border. The vet asked Andrew if he knew what this was. Andrew told him that God told Noah to take two of every animal into the ark. I then prompted what happened next - Andrew responded it rained and God said he wouldn't flood the earth again. The vet then asked is your husband a preacher and I said no he is just a pharmacist. To every teacher that wonders if your children are listening they are. Keep telling and teaching the stories it is worth the effort.

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david, kim, anthony and sophie said...

i cant imagine waht you are going thru- sending andrew to school. i dread the day i have to let anthony go. love the story about noahs ark too!