Saturday, May 1, 2010


Tina is Mom/Dad and Gabe's dog but when they are out of town Tina joins our family. The boys love her but I am not sure how much Tina loves them. They run her around and around outside and wonder why she wants to stop and rest she is only 9 years old(they tell me that is old in dog years - She has the gray hair to prove it). They also love to cover her in blankets and see if she will walk around. She is very tolerant. The boys on the positive love to fill her water dish and pet her. And Aaron if I let him would even share his food off the spoon. We however frown on this due to sanitation issues. Tina will be leaving us soon and will spend the month recovering but until then she adds to adventure and the fun at our house. We do like having her here unfortunately she can't tell her parents if she liked the babysitter or not.

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