Friday, May 14, 2010

Sophie and Papa's Birthday

Kim did an amazing job on this party even coming up with a really nice present for Papa. She put together a scrapbook of all the great grand kids even the ones in Germany. She also had Papa cookies made and made both of these cakes. It was great fun. Sophie was quite civilized in her cake eating. She began with a finger and worked her way thru the center.
The boys enjoyed playing in the water. We had told Andrew that he had to wait to get in until we had finished eating and had cake. Andrew's solution - I don't want cake can I get in now. To which we informed him he had to wait till the grown ups ate cake. As you can see we did eventually let them in the water. Wonderful fun on a hot day.

Birthday present opening.
The end to a very nice a day. We were walking back from supper. Both boys up on shoulders they were loving it. It should also be added I have no pictures but Uncle Gabe went swimming that night with boys at the pool. They loved it and slept well.

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