Monday, May 10, 2010

Busch Gardens

Our trip South began a day earlier than planned. We had intended to come down to Virginia Beach late Friday night. But after talking to Mom and Dad we decided to come a day early and go with Sophie and Anthony to Busch Gardens. We took in a show or two. Funky Physics even held the interest of the 2 year olds but I don't know how much physics they learned. They liked the flying objects. Grandpop took all the boys on the sky tram which Andrew had dubbed the airplane. After a while we took the littlest ones home for food and sleep and Grandpop stayed on with Andrew who was definitely still going full speed. I returned with Aaron(Anthony was still sleeping) and here are a few pictures from the return trip. Riding the train with two tired boys. The first thing we had to do when we got back was ride the log in the water(plume ride). Andrew had already ridden it 3 times.

We tried this kiddy ride with Aaron. Andrew had ridden it earlier and liked. Aaron decided that this ride was not for him. Andrew also liked the kiddie roller coaster.
This was more Aaron's speed.

Overall a good time was had by all.

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