Thursday, April 29, 2010


I thought I would take a moment to count my blessings and also be truthful. This past weekend has been rainy so the boys have been stuck inside so it has been a little more of an adventure.

1. Aaron is not perfectly potty trained but I remind myself that he is now telling me he needs to go even if it is not quite soon enough. We have not even attempted nighttime.
2. Aaron does not always sleep through night and can be quite whinny at times. Whinny is often linked to how tired.
3. I wish that everyday was sunny because letting the boys play outside is so much easier than having them in the house.
4. I am not always as patient as I should be and sometimes I want to be quite selfish and have a long extended me time which is not always possible which then makes Mom (me) grumpy.
5. I probably let my boys watch too much TV.
6. I have not mastered the boys talking/fighting while mom is on the phone. (Yes follow thru - I know).
7. Yes my boys do fight and are not always perfect.

Now to counting my blessing
1. I have a husband that is very helpful and patient.
2. I have boys that will eat just about everything
3. Andrew is soaking up learning like a sponge.
4. Andrew asks to pray and at lunch today after telling God about everything that he had done so far - he thanked God for taking care of him when he was good and bad.
5. I have boys who love to give hugs and kiss
6. That m boys are learning to help and volunteered to help me clean this morning and informed me when we work together it is better and faster.
7. Thank God for loving just as I am good and bad
8. I could continue to count my blessings but Andrew's nap time is over.


Ellen said...

Way to lay it out there. Now I don't feel bad about being glad that your boys could be outside when they were here because you prefer that, too. =)

Jan Graffius said...

Dear, dear Amanda~

I love your Reflections. I love your idea of Gotcha Days to celebrate your boys. I love your family pics in Roaring Spring. I love reading your blog!

I really hope you had a great anniversary & a great birthday, as well as a great Mother's Day! I was thinking of you on those days, & wished I could get a card or at least e-card off to you. But this month has been ridiculously busy.

But please know I think of you often & love you all so much!