Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just have to Smile

Unknown to me, mom had done a lesson yesterday in children's church about how God loves us all and made us different. So yesterday afternoon during nap time Andrew says, why is your hair curly. I am thinking ah this is an easy one - God made it curly. He continues to look at my hair and then ask why do you straighten it. Good question Andrew. Just have to smile.

Later that evening while Perry and I were enjoying a date night. He was playing with his friend Bradley and he touched his hair. Andrew then says your hair is different than mine but that is okay.

It is amazing how much kids process and I think that Andrew had learned the lesson and mommy is now pondering why do I bother to straighten my hair.
I must add a story from my husband that just occurred. As he walk back upstair by Andrew room, Andrew says Is God watching and Perry says yes. Then Andrew says is He in the do you answer that. Perry's response God is watching us night and day. Just have to smile.

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