Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trip to Great Grandpa's

We had a great time visiting Great Grandpop and Grandma Lorna. We were there five days and Grandpa is probably still recovering. Andrew adds more energy to every day. We did get to make a couple visits to Grandma Lorna's though the boys were quite active. Andrew is still talking about riding in great grandpa's golf cart and going to the park. We enjoyed a patio picnic at Fairhaven and Aunt Cindi did a beautiful job singing. She also cleaned everything. Grandpa's house is now spotless. Andrew was able to meet a Korean family at the Milton church. The boys enjoyed swimming every night at the hotel and this tired them out and they slept in. Mom was happy. Aaron fell out of bed and I tired to pass out so that added to some adventures. We also went to a petting farm. The couple of picture of the cats are from there. When it was all said and done it was good trip and Great Grandpa will need a week to recover.

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