Saturday, June 27, 2009

Talking about Adoptions

Well, Cousin Jill's visit at Aaron's birthday has provoked some questions from Andrew. All the adoption magazines have talked about 3-5 years asking where they came from and if they came from Mommy's belly. Well Andrew has begun to ask so it has opened a door to talk about his birthmom, Korean Oma(foster family) and his forever family. It is scary and fun to talk with him. We want to be honest with him but present it in a way that a four year old can understand. So it will be his story to tell. We love him very much and want him to be secure in who is and where he has come and who he will become.


Frank Imbarrato MD said...

May God richly bless you both as He already has with the boys . As I told you on the phone Perry we have an adopted girl who you will meet on the trip . The love we have for our children can only be exceeded by God's love for us . Our dau Maria has always known she has been adopted and the opennes overall is always very good Love to talk some more someday My wife Karen is available to speak with Amanda at any time for love and support In His grace Frank Imbarrato

Dan and Jill said...

Hi Amanda and Perry, I will always remember the warm welcome that your son Andrew gave to our "baby girl in there." Hopefully, talking about where children come from, and why families love them so much, will become a special memory for all of you. Love, Cousin Jill