Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Good and the Unga

Today Andrew got to go to the library for a special story time. During the winter they have a story time and just a little activity but in the summer if you are 3 or older they have a major story time that includes snacks and crafts. The only draw back is munchkins only two can't go. So Aunt Cindi kindly agreed to watch Aaron while I took Andrew to the library. Miss Becky and helpers bravely took on about 15 kids 4 years to 3rd grade. Andrew had a great time and mom was told she didn't need to stay so she didn't. So next time I can take Aaron and go run a errand. Andrew came out telling me about the story they read and excited about the craft he did. Aaron thought life was great with Aunt Cindi and all was good. Thanks Aunt Cindi. Did I mention libraries are great and they are free.

Second Good. I have started doing a little class time with Andrew each day just to test the waters and it is good for me. He seems to like it okay and he appears to be learning and it is good for mom to test her discipline in doing something daily. Aaron is coloring pages while brother has class. It isn't long but it seems to be going okay.

Finally the unga. We have had a little potty for Aaron for about four months. He looks at it occasionally tries to go potty but not a whole lot of progress. Now today he looked at me and said unga(Korean for bowel movement). We ran upstairs figuring he had already gone which is the usual case but no. He proceeded to sit on the toilet and unga. We celebrated with chocolate. He later asked to wear underwear. Mommy agreed. Aaron proceeded to wet his pants. You win some you lose some.

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david, kim, anthony and sophie said...

too cute! we've had a few potty accidents ourselves. anthony sits on the potty, nothing happens, then he stands up to leave and thats when "it" happens! ha! keep up the good work- i know he'll get it eventually! and high five to mom and andrew for starting school lessons!