Monday, June 29, 2009


One great form of entertainment is sticker books. Grandpop keeps us supplied and mom attempts to keep the stickers contained to the books. Andrew's book is cool because the stickers are numbered so it has been a good exercise in counting. It also has everyday things so we use it to help Andrew learn new words.
Other cheap forms of entertainment at our house including cutting mushrooms(no knives involved - egg slicers are great) and stirring and dumping to help cook. Mimi's swimming pool. The sandbox. Walking to see the llamas...yes up the road at the farm they have 3 llamas. Also going to see the cows and the water. Also racing Scott on his tractor as Andrew is on the tricycle. Grandpa's recording of the Disney playhouse. We cut the cable to save money and reduce our consumption. It works but it is nice to have a change of videos for Andrew. Also running around the house as fast as we can while mommy counts to see how fast. Yes mom is trying to burn some of their energy. Along with the school park, new park and church park these are some our ways of entertaining ourselves.

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Wendy said...

I love it!

One thing the kids in my class that are close to this age loooves to do is cut paper with their little kiddie safety scissors.

We have a sand and water table in the classroom that is filled with scrap paper...not sand or water. :-) The kids stand over the table and cut paper to their little hearts' content. They love colored paper and paper of different textures. Best of all, it's all contained inside the tray that comes as part of the table, so there's limited mess to clean up. I'm not saying you should go buy a sand and water table, but you could get a small baby pool or a big rubbermaid bin, fill it with scrap paper, and let your boys go to town with it. It'll keep them occupied for a good 20 mins, until they get bored. :-)