Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day (Decoration Day)

I am slow but I am not totally late. The original Memorial Day was the 30th of May. It began after the Civil War. And with all that went on this weekend I did take sometime to reflect on the service of those in the military. Sometimes you think of other people serving or that is the army a blob of unknown people. But when I took a minute to think the number serving or have served is high. Both my grandfathers, grandma Lorna (nurse in WW2), my brother and my cousin Seth, these are only the immediate family. If I consider the extended family of second cousins, great uncles, etc. there are many. I encourage you to consider those who have served and are serving and say thank you. I am not sure that I could but I appreciate the freedom they protect. THANK YOU! Our weekend included visits from friends and family alike. This is Chris with his youngest Hannah. They took time out of their holiday to drive up to Pennsylvania. Thanks.
This is all three kids together. (Aaron, Ryan, and Hannah)
Aaron meets his great grandpa Graffius for the first time. Yes there was ice cream but it wasn't the Meadows.
We finally got to use our deck furniture. We had a picnic that included friends and family.
Tuesday was a big day for me. We left Aaron for the day with Abuela(this was a first). It made shopping easier but it did feel a little weird. Perry and I do clothing and shoe shopping once a year and this was the day. Aaron did great and I did fine. It was a nice day with my hubby.

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