Friday, May 2, 2008


I am adjusting to motherhood and Aaron is adjusting to a whole new environment. He has done a wonderful job. When he first came he would only allow me to hold him and was afraid I suspect that this mom might go away too. He had an amazing foster mom and family that loved him thoroughly. As the week progressed he became more willing to be held by others and I was even able to go to quilting class while Perry watched him and Grandpop(Don) put him down to sleep. We are still working on a sleep schedule but once again we are making progress. He has had his first doctors appointment. He did very well but didn't like the shots of course...He has a nice red bump from one which they say is supposed to happen. He has been to the hospital twice to see all the people and Ickes Drugstore. He got to celebrate great grandfather's(Papa) 83rd birthday at the Creekside. May I say that he did great and abuela's(Linda) portable high chair is wonderful. I am going to get one. It works even better than the stroller. Other big news includes that fact Grandpa(Perry Sr) and Mimi(Jean) and Uncle Jonathan and great grandma Barbee will all be up this weekend. I have changed the sheets and partially cleaned the bathrooms and did some reading up(for you none PA people this putting things in order but not serious house cleaning). Overall things are going pretty good he loves music and is getting better at sitting for books to be read he is up to two at a time. He crawls backwards. He like to walk with you holding his hands. He can grab things like string and ribbon. He is chewing everything in site and is working on having some lower teeth. Well that is the week in a nut shell.

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