Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amanda's New Hair Cut

Before... After...This is a self portrait so it is only so so, but you get the drift It is shoulder length, layered and I have a little bit of a bang.

You may have noticed that my hair was getting pretty long. When it is long 95% of the time it is up. I had decided that when Aaron came I would get it cut. So after a 1 year plus with one trim in the middle, today was the big day. I went to the local votech. Yes this may sound strange but it is a great place to get a hair cut. Yes they are students but they are under teachers and so they want to do a good job; they get graded. At our votech they do hair cuts, perms, pedicures and manicures. Not only do they do a great job but my wash, haircut and style was only 6 dollars. The only drawback is that the students are sometimes slow because they want to do it right. The teacher cut my hair and the student a first year student dried and curled it. It took 2 hours. It may not look like it but it is wash and wear. I also gave them free range but you don't have too. By the way the votech also does state car inspections. You might want to check out your area votech or community college you might just find a good deal.


david kim and anthony said...

wow! we love the haircut! its so cute!

Ellen said...

Welcome to the mommy cut club! I've never seen you with hair this short. You've now joined our ranks... =)

Anonymous said...

Today, May 27, is Amanda's BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday! :)

Love, Wendy