Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It is hard to believe that January is almost gone. It is a cold and windy morning. It makes me appreciate a warm house and a husband who once again has a more flexible schedule. My husband work has been down a person and thus he has been working more hours and being on call most nights. This will soon come to an end because they have hired a new guy. So this morning he doesn't have to go in till lunchtime. I am adjusting to working less and liking what I can accomplish. It is sometimes hard to quantify at the end of the day but it does feel good.

We continue to wait to here on Aaron. It is so close I can taste it. I have found that waiting is harder when you can see the end in site. When it is far away - you say okay Lord I wait. When it is close you say can I have it now Lord daily. But it is just as important to wait now as when it is far away. If we rush it we mess up God's timing(not that God can be messed up) and we may miss a blessing or create a problem. So I wait knowing God's timing is perfect even if I don't get to know exactly when it is. Thanks to everyone for their prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda! Thanks for the tip on the Feverfew and the Flintstone's. I thought that vitamins were vitamins, and that the generic children's vitamins would compare to the Flintstone's. I'll try them next time if I can't find an adult vitamin w/ Folate. (Great tip on the folic acid also, by the way).
I'm also eager to read the post that says, "We're On Our Way To Guatemala!!!" I know it's hard for y'all to wait! But you're both doing it so well. What a great testimony! Take care!