Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all. We were awake for new year's because Perry got called in twice to work. We heard the gunshots....yes this is how rural people celebrate New Year's. Note Mythbusters has proven that a person can be hit by a bullet shot strait up in the air.

I have been reading several blogs about saving money when it comes to food. So it got me to thinking of how I stretch food especially when there is a crowd.

1. Double the amount of taco stuffing by adding a drained can of beans (kidney or black bean)
2. Make Chili go farther with more beans and also add pasta if needed
3. Soup veggies are cheap. Use more veggies in soup if the flavor is good less meat is fine
4. Soups can be made to go farther with pasta or rice
5. Also bread and jelly for a meal filler is always good. Fun story - Ben (6 years old) was at my house and was not thrilled with tacos....put jelly and peanut butter on tortilla and he liked it. When he was at mom's he ask for it again. When in doubt serve bread.
6. Gravies can go far and if made right don't have to be full of fat. Use dried chipped beef, turkey sausage or hamburger (if burger season gravy for interest paprika pepper etc) make with skim milk and cornstarch.
7. Store biscuits are expensive - make drop biscuits if more inspired make cut biscuits. Cheap and in my opinion not time consuming or expensive.